The best creative solutions come from a blend of innovative design and business savvy.

Everything we do, from a single logo to an entire brand identity, incorporates what we call “Smart Design.”

So just what is Smart Design? It’s a collaborative approach that gives our clients not only exceptional design solutions, but also an advantage over their competition.

Put another way, it’s bringing together a keen business sense with all the elements of effective design. It’s our promise to never design in a vacuum. But instead, to take a holistic look at your company’s needs before ever putting pencil to paper.

It’s the belief that, without a strategic vision, design is just design for design’s sake. To say it simply, our clients expect the best from us.

And with over 30 years of combined experience, we deliver. Studio founder and creative director Jennifer Roycroft has won prestigious design awards, including The Mohawk Paper Show and a Neenah Paper Gold Medal, as well as being published in industry publications such as 1000 Graphic Elements.

Before launching Roycroft Design, Jennifer was at Morgan Stanley heading up six creative groups and was a design supervisor at Fidelity Investments. She’s a proud alumnus of The Hartford Art School.